Who We Are:    We are a small community of free thinking people searching for spiritual connection, encouraging self expression and examination, celebrating diversity, promoting service to each other, our children, and our community.

What We Value:   We value the inner quiet of the self and the experiences achieved in living life to its fullest. We respect our elders and our children.  We honor the diversity that is nature and has created all the world's cultures.  We draw guidance from humankind's great writers, artists, teachers, ministers, scientists and philosophers.  We recognize the power of love and acceptance to transcend the barriers we will encounter on our journey towards justice and peace.
We believe that reason is part of faith; action, the result of prayer; inquiry, part of tradition; knowledge of the past, part of the promise of the future: we gather together to gain strength in diversity and to worship the seen, the unseen, and the generosity of spirit we help into being.                                                                     
    ~ Ruth Bragg